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  • A Spirit of Collaboration Drives Every Project.
  • Invested in the Next Generation.
  • A Spirit of Intersectional Inclusivity.
  • Looking to the Future while Honouring the Past.
  • Local Labour. Local Machines. Local Materials.
  • Construction Within its Environmental Context.


A Spirit of Collaboration Drives Every Project.

Haslin is a collaborative contractor. We believe that the only way to make each project successful is to engender effective collaboration across all project interfaces; with government, with stakeholders, with landowners, with local residents, and with Sub-Contractors. Our clients, however, put it better:

“With Haslin we found a great partner who was able to work creatively and constructively
around what we wanted to achieve here.”
Mary Darwell, Harbour Trust
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“It was a positive working relationship with Haslin. Collaboration is essential in a Design and Construct, because the asset owner’s needs need to be addressed, and I found, as Project Manager, that that was in place.”
Kevin Chahoud, City of Sydney
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“Working with Haslin is always a great experience for us. We’ve been working on several projects over the last few years quite successfully.”
Mark Bampton, Ultegra
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“With Haslin on site during the construction phase, it’s just been open lines of communication and people asking the right questions of each other. Being respectful, basically.”
Hugo Cottier, Lahznimmo Architects
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Invested in the Next Generation.

Haslin’s commitment to the next generation of Engineers is crystallised in our Intern Program and Mentor Program.

The Haslin Intern Program

Instigated in the mid-2000s, Haslin’s intern program offers four graduates per year the opportunity to obtain hands-on construction experience at an industry leading company. Not only does this help kick-start careers and close the generational talent gap in our industry, but, crucially, we pay our interns industry rates.

This program has set up a swathe of youngsters for prosperous Haslin careers. Indeed, the first three interns we ever hired – Chris Hammond, Bradley Unabia and David Thackray (pictured above) – are now senior Haslin team members with decades of industry experience between them.

The Haslin Mentor Program

The Haslin Mentor Program pairs up senior Haslin staff with junior employees to create mutually beneficial Mentor / Mentee relationships. Debuting in 2021 with our first 36 participants, Haslin’s luminaries (including Senior Management figures) impart their decades of experience onto the company’s next generation through monthly catchups (coffees, BBQs, zoom calls, reciprocal site visits) and scheduled networking events.

Gender Equality

A Spirit of Intersectional Inclusivity.

As is well documented, the construction industry is male-dominated – with a recent CCF survey placing the number of women in non-clerical roles at lower than 5%. While Haslin stands by our many principled and technically astute male staff, we believe that our industry should reflect the diverse makeup of the world that we build infrastructure for. To that end, Haslin is committed to correcting the imbalance with a combination of Policy and Industry Activism.

Industry Activism

Led by Haslin’s General Manager Gladys Woods (above), Haslin have been staunch supporters of the Civil Contracting Foundation’s Women In Civil Mentoring Program since 2017. Through structured mentor-mentee relationships over a nine month period, the program aims to provide an environment of support for women, encouraging them to join – or ensuring they remain – in the civil construction industry. Haslin are also a CCF Employer Champion for Women in Civil, with a firm commitment to:

  • Support CCF NSW’s vision of equal gender participation in civil by 2050: 50% by 2050;
  • Implement employment processes that proactively seek to encourage female applications and then consider women for all roles;
  • Implement ‘Equal pay for equal roles’ regardless of gender;
  • Constantly review internal and external communications such as intra office messaging and websites to ensure there is diversity in the imaging and language used;
  • Support and empower women in the workplace by participating in initiatives such as the CCF NSW Women in Civil Program;
  • Train staff in managing and supervising a diverse workforce;
  • Set and meet targets for participation of females employed in directly civil construction related roles.

Policy for Parity

Haslin’s corporate culture is built on a spirit of intersectional inclusivity; we’re committed to reflecting the diversity of our country in the makeup of our company. This is undergirded in Haslin’s HR Policy, which – in line with the CCF commitment outlined above – dictates that all women who apply for an engineering role are offered an interview. This ensures that women’s voices in our industry are heard.

Indigenous Participation

Looking to the Future while Honouring the Past.

Haslin recognises that, when we pour a concrete slab, we’re doing it on land that has a human history spanning some 60 000 years. On every project, in accordance with our Indigenous Participation Policy (SEQ-POL-014), Haslin works with both our client and traditional custodians to set a project participation target that honours the historical geographical context of the works.

This percentage is generally between 5% and 15%, and sees us regularly exceeding the requirements of the NSW Government’s Aboriginal Participation In Construction (APIC) framework and the Federal Government’s Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP). While Haslin are proud of our achievements to date, we will continue to push forward, helping to correct a salient imbalance in our industry.

Local Labour

Local Labour. Local Machines. Local Materials.

Haslin is a city company with a country focus, and in over thirty years of operation, we’ve delivered more than $500 Million of infrastructure in regional NSW. When delivering works regionally, we do so in concert with the local community, prioritising engagement with local labour, local suppliers and local Sub-Contractors.

Haslin’s Local Engagement Strategy entails a proactive, holistic investment in the social fabric of the communities in which we work. Not only does this make financial sense for Haslin and our clients, it leaves a skills legacy in the region that extends beyond the delivery of the infrastructure itself.

Haslin has set industry benchmarks for Local Participation on projects, such as:



Construction Within its Environmental Context.

Haslin Constructions Pty Ltd is fully aware of the impact of its business operations on the environment, its responsibilities towards the protection of the environment and the creation of better social and economic conditions for our present and future generations.As per our Environmental and Sustainability Policy (SEQ-POL-002), Haslin management are committed to:

  • Conducting business operations in an environmentally sensible manner with full regards to the sensitivities of the local and regional environment, enhancing the built and cultural heritage in the communities we work.
  • Complying with all applicable environmental legislation, standards, guidelines and statutory policies
  • Taking all practicable initiatives to minimise pollution of the environment
  • Considering whole of life environmental, social and economic aspects throughout project design, procurement and construction
  • Applying best practice environmental solutions to the design and construction of building and infrastructure and supporting the principles of Ecologically Sustainable Development
  • Managing resources and waste efficiently identifying opportunities to reduce our environmental footprint, minimize and recycle waste, and use recycled and low impact materials, minimizing risks in our supply chain
  • Delivering infrastructure that is resilient to a changing climate, working collaboratively with clients and stakeholders.
  • Developing, implementing and maintaining an Environmental Management System incorporating specific objectives, measurable targets, programs and procedures taking into account whole of life considerations for continual improvement of our environmental and sustainability performance
  • Monitoring performance against project specific environmental and sustainability objectives, programs, and procedures to identify opportunities for reward or improvement
  • Providing appropriate training and instruction to employees and sub-contractors enhancing their environmental and sustainability awareness and skills
  • Establishing and maintaining appropriate mechanisms for communication and consultation of relevant environmental and sustainability issues with employees, clients and stakeholders
  • Creating better living conditions for future generations by enhancing environmental and social outcomes and leaving a net positive legacy
  • Promoting a diverse and inclusive workforce
  • Providing social benefits to the communities we work in by supporting local jobs, businesses and suppliers.

This Environmental and Sustainability Policy will be communicated to all employees, contractors and stakeholders and made available to company clients and the public.