Haslin Constructions


A Spirit of Collaboration Drives Every Project.

Haslin is a collaborative contractor. We believe that the only way to make each project successful is to engender effective collaboration across all project interfaces; with government, with stakeholders, with landowners, with local residents, and with Sub-Contractors. Our clients, however, put it better:

“With Haslin we found a great partner who was able to work creatively and constructively
around what we wanted to achieve here.”
Mary Darwell, Harbour Trust
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“It was a positive working relationship with Haslin. Collaboration is essential in a Design and Construct, because the asset owner’s needs need to be addressed, and I found, as Project Manager, that that was in place.”
Kevin Chahoud, City of Sydney
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“Working with Haslin is always a great experience for us. We’ve been working on several projects over the last few years quite successfully.”
Mark Bampton, Ultegra
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“With Haslin on site during the construction phase, it’s just been open lines of communication and people asking the right questions of each other. Being respectful, basically.”
Hugo Cottier, Lahznimmo Architects
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