Haslin Constructions


The Northern Road

Sector Transport
Year Completed 2019
Location Western Sydney, NSW
Client Sydney Water
Value $4 Million

This project involved the Diversion and Lowering of Sydney Water 900dia and 750dia water main assets along The Northern Road in Orchard Hills, Western Sydney. The works form part of the Australian and NSW governments’ mammoth upgrade of The Northern Road as part of the $4.1 Billion Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan. Haslin undertook the civil works associated with the 6 cut ins, which included:

  • Deep excavations (up to 6m) and backfilling around and underneath inground services, and underneath and adjacent to aerial utilities (Sydney Water, Telstra, Electrical);
  • Structural in ground works including piling, thrust blocks and concrete supports;
  • Installation of stormwater pipework and pump stations were installed;
  • Significant interface with RMS required to install traffic diversions, fencing & barriers;
  • Programming of works around the clock during Sydney Water shutdowns.