Haslin Constructions


North Rockhampton Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

Sector Wastewater
Year 2022-23
Location Rockhampton, Queensland
Client Rockhampton Regional Council
Value $45m

This project entails a major overhaul of Rockhampton’s wastewater infrastructure, including construction of a brand new plant, then modernisation of the existing, adjacent facility. Part A of the upgrade includes construction of new Inlet Works, Anaerobic Reactor, Oxidization Ditch, and Clarifier and Part B includes upgrading of the existing infrastructure to include new Fine Air Bubble Diffusion, Mixers and other such modern features. These works will see the plant’s capacity increased from 50 000 EP to 75 000 EP.

The project is highly complex, encompassing more than 10km worth of piling, 4000 cubic metres of concreting, 1000 tonnes of steel installation, extensive pipework and intricate mechanical and electrical works thereafter. Haslin are also undertaking significant Design Development to ensure Rockhampton Regional Council have are delivered a facility that will stand the test of time.

While this plant is the 26th major Wastewater facility Haslin have delivered in over thirty years of operation, it’s the first project the company have undertaken in Queensland. To that end, Haslin have engaged significantly with the local community, sourcing the vast majority of labour and materials from the surrounding area.