Haslin Constructions


Lithgow Wastewater Treatment Plant

Sector Water + Wastewater
Year Completed 2011
Location Lithgow, NSW
Client Department of Commerce
Value $24m

This project involved the augmentation of an existing Wastewater Treatment Plant, increasing its capacity to 30 000 EP and improving wastewater quality as treated effluent is discharged to SCA catchments. Works included construction of post stressed IDEA tanks, sludge lagoons, aerators, dewatering systems, screening and grit clarifiers, chemical dosing, reuse systems, pumps, mixers, decanters, an in-line UV system and associated mechanical equipment. Works also included construction of electrical switchrooms, electrical reticulation and design and commissioning of the SCADA control.

A key component of this project was the construction of a reinforced concrete structure for the combined IDEA/Catch Balance/Chlorine tanks. The tanks are supported on piles, and surrounded by a formed embankment for access roads. To erect these tanks in the most efficient and structurally sound way, HASLIN adopted an alternative post-tensioned concrete structure. The volume of the IDEA tank is 10.5ML, the Catch Balance tank is 2.2ML, and the Chlorine tank 1.5ML.

This plant is a vital part of the water infrastructure of NSW’s Central Tablelands, and further highlights HASLIN’s robust reputation in the Water + Wastewater field.