Haslin Constructions


Trewilga – Newell Highway Realignment for RMS

Sector Transport
Year Completed 2018
Location Trewilga, NSW
Client RMS
Value $20m

The Newell Highway is the major road link between Brisbane and Melbourne, with the majority of this link being in New South Wales. It has approximately 2800No. vehicle movements per day, with around 50% of those being heavy vehicles. The Newell Highway provides a vital national transport link as well as being critical to the function of Central Western New South Wales. RMS engaged civil construction designers ARUP to design the upgrade project.

Prior to construction commencement, RMS acquired the required land as well as relocating short sections of overhead electrical power lines, and buried Telstra cabling, to enable the construction of the main alignment safely with typical construction equipment.

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) awarded Haslin the contract to construct Newell Highway, Trewilga Upgrade in March 2016.

Haslin was engaged as principal contractor and had overall responsibility for managing all aspects of construction, site safety, environmental protection, quality, procurement, community liaison and temporary pavement design.

The project brief included: Construction of 6.4km of Highway Upgrade, incorporating 2.5km including a 1km passing lane in a new alignment under greenfield conditions, 3.9km of upgraded existing highway under live traffic, 7 Reinforced Concrete Box Culvert crossings, 10N Reinforced Concrete Pipe culvert crossings, 2  Intersection upgrades, 7 Property Access driveways.

During early stages of the project the site was inundated with a 1 in 20year flood. This resulted in the online section being unable to be built as tendered. Through a collaborative approach with the Client the works were redesigned with the online section being built under traffic rather than the tendered temporary pavement construction and associated lateral traffic switches.

The Project included placement of HD DGB pavement over the full length of the works which was the biggest challenge in getting material to meet the specification.. Construction water was obtained from a bore which was constructed in the establishment phase of the Project.

Haslin is extremely aware how local content is important to these rural communities. Project spend on local companies within the region totalled 54%.The contract also required a targeted project spend for aboriginal participation of 1.5% of the contract price. Haslin achieved a spend of 6.7%.

The new alignment provides a safer passage through improved road geometry over the older sections of highway. It also provides greater durability to this section of aging highway.

Haslin worked hand-in-hand with RMS and our numerous suppliers and subcontractors to deliver a safe, high quality road project that enhances this vital piece of infrastructure.

To review Pollution Incident Response Plan (PIRMP) click on the following link:

Trewilga PIRMP Rev2 27-9-17