Haslin Constructions


Construction with Context.

Haslin understands the impact of human activities on the environment and the importance of inter-generational equity. We deliver all of our projects with due respect to the principles of sustainable development and take all reasonable initiatives to minimise harm to the bio-physical environment.

As outlined in our Sustainability Policy (SEQ-POL-002), Haslin is committed to:

  • Conducting business operations in an environmentally sensible manner with full regards to the
    sensitivities of the local and regional environment;
  • Applying best practice environmental solutions to the design and construction of building and
  • Complying with all applicable environmental legislation, standards, guidelines and statutory
  • Taking all practicable initiatives to minimise pollution of the environment;
  • Reducing and recycling waste;
  • Minimising the usage of non-renewable natural resources and the emission of greenhouse gases
  • Actively support the principles of Ecologically Sustainable Development;
  • Developing, implementing and maintaining an Environmental Management System incorporating
    specific objectives, measurable targets, programs and procedures for continual improvement
    of company environmental performance;
  • Providing appropriate training and instruction to employees and sub-contractors for enhancing their
    environmental awareness and skills;
  • Establishing and maintaining appropriate mechanisms for communication and consultation of
    relevant environmental issues with employees, clients and stakeholders; and
  • Creating better living conditions for future generations by enhancing environmental and
    social outcomes and leaving a positive legacy.
  • Considering whole of life environmental, social and economic aspects throughout project
    design, procurement and construction
  • Supporting local jobs, businesses and suppliers.